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21 Jan 10-4  Eamont Bridge Village Hall

24 March 10-4 - Eamont Bridge Village Hall

Throughout the year the County runs Squad days. These are open to anyone who aspires to shoot for the County. The Squad Days give an opportunity for further training and advice from a range of sources, a chance to meet others from all the county clubs who you may end up shooting with if you are picked for the team and a chance for further practice for the Inter County Shoots. The outdoor sessions will end with a competition to see if you can set a new County record.

Squad Days are free to attend and are usually held at Eamont Bridge Village Hall in winter and Hunter Hall playing field in Summer, from 10am-4pm.

Speak to your club coach to find out if the Squad Days are suitable for you to attend.

Squad Days

Inter County Shoots

5 Counties Team 2017

There are two inter county target competitions that CCAA enters a team for. York and Hereford Rounds Shot.

The Pentangle WRS1440 and Metric Rounds - usually in June. Five teams take part, CCAA, Durham and Northumberland Archery Association, Eastern Scotland, Western Scotland and Northern Scotland.

NCAS Inter County Shoot York / Hereford - 1st Weekend in October. The Northern Counties Archery Association comprises Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland, Yokshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and the Isle of Man.


There is one Clout competition that the CCAA enters a team for.

NCAS Inter County Shoot Double One Way Archery GB Clout - usually in September.


Never give up and keep on enjoying your archery

The County team is chosen from scores submitted and then availability - so keep sending your scores and put the dates in your diaries and keep them free. Remember - if you don’t make the team this time you can still help out and offer encouragement and assistance to those that do.


Practice like you have

Perform like you have    

County Team Results

Click on the links below for all the latest results from the CCAA team competitions

Pentangle 2017          NCAS Clout 2017          

5 Counties 2017 - Senior Team    Individual Senior    Junior Team     Individual Junior

never won

never lost

2017 Squad Day Results

Click on the links below for the results from the Squad Day competitions in 2017

29th April 2017     3rd June 2017     19th August 2017

Senior Lady

80 yards

70 metres

Junior Lady U18

60 yards

60 metres

Junior Lady U16

50 yards

50 metres

Junior Lady U14

40 yards

40 metres

Junior Lady U12

30 yards

30 metres

Senior Gents

100 yards

90 metres

Junior Gent U18

80 yards

70 metres

Junior Gent U16

60 yards

60 metres

Junior Gent U14

50 yards

50 metres

Junior Gent U12

40 yards

40 metres

The type of scores the squad manager is looking for are any number of dozens shot at the maximum distance as illustrated below. A copy of a score sheet showing how the score was obtained is required. Cumbria results are sent automatically.


5 Counties 2017

The Juniors did brilliantly with Dru and Alfie Ridding bringing home the Junior Gents Compound trophy.The weather conditions meant that the Senior shoot had to be abandoned after 5 dozen. Michelle Burrow come 2nd in the Longbow.