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Tony Tideswell

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Kendal Bowmen

Kendal Bowmen

In order to host competitions in Cumbria we not only need participants but we need someone to Judge them too! Do you have an interest in archery, a passion for the sport, a keen eye for detail and some spare time to give? Why not consider becoming a judge? It offers a great past time, fun times with other judges and is rewarding to see others succeed in their chosen sport.

Not sure if its for you - get in touch and speak to our existing judges and ask them first hand for an insight into judging. You may have a lot to offer and if you don’t tell us and start to ask questions  - we all might be missing out!

Ever Thought about Becoming  a Judge??

If you would like to become a Judge you will have to gain a good knowledge of the Judges Handbook, Archery GB Rules of Shooting and World Archery Rules Book.

You should contact Tony Tideswell who will organise the paperwork and then attend (on request) as many competitions as possible to gain experience while you are a Candidate Judge. After approximately two years you should be ready to take you County Judge assessment and then you can decide if you want to progress to Regional, National, and European.

The different levels of Judges allow you to be Judge in Charge depending on the status of the Tournament you are attending.

Click the below links for further details:

Become a Judge

Archery GB Guide to Becoming a judge

National Judging Scheme