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Please contact the County Secretary Stuart Burnett on



If you have something to add to the website please email cumbriaarchery@gmail.com


Please contact Chris Battersby

Phone: 01768 866 670

Email: aysgartharcher@gmail.com

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Videos of various events can be seen on our Flickr page. Click the image below to see more.

All our photos can be seen on our Flickr page. Make sure you follow us!

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Welcome to Cumbria County Archery Associations website. Whether you are looking to take up archery or you are already a member of an archery club - here you will find all the information you are looking for. Any queries please see contact details at the bottom of each page.

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County Records


Who holds the record for which round? To check out all the County records or for details on how to add a new one click here.

For all the competitions you can enter in Cumbria head over to the events page where you will find all the results and entry forms.


CCAA Committee Meeting

We need CCAA committee members and ALL County club secretaries to attend

5th August - after the County Flight Shoot

We MUST have a representative from each County club so if the secretary cannot attend please send someone else.


We have a private County Facebook group which you can be added to if you are a member of CCAA. Click here for group.

We also have the public group which anyone can visit and post to as below.